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Sarasota Sampler

A sampling of images from a Saturday visit to Sarasota, Florida, with Janice Broda and Professor of English and palm tree enthusiast John Kennedy for a tour of homes featuring unique collections of palm trees and other plants.
The first home covered its double lot with a thick jungle of plants and palms cut through with paths and the occasional statue or two.
A couple of Downy Woodpeckers gave away their position in a palm tree where they were excitedly chirping their pleasure as they feasted on some unknown insect larvae.
We ate lunch at the Main Bar Sandwich Shop in the downtown historic district where they have been “Serving Sarasota’s Finest Sandwiches Since 1958”. After eating there I had to agree with their slogan.
Downtown Sarasota.
Downtown Sarasota.
A brief visit to Janice Broda’s alma mater, New College of Florida, which incorporates historic 1920s buildings from the Edith & Charles Ringling estate.
New College fronts onto Sarasota Bay.
Colorful Adirondack chairs look like a great place for students to relax.
The mansion of John & Mable Ringling known as Cà d’Zan sits just south of New College. The home is now part of the Ringling Museum of Art.
One of New College’s friendly squirrels.
New College of Florida.
Sandhill Cranes still wet from a passing storm foraged near the second home we visited on the palm tree tour.
Copies of historic statues dot the landscape around downtown Lido Key. Time will tell if the warning sign is heeded.
Sarasota office towers and condos along with new construction line the Sarasota Bay shoreline.
Stormy weather followed us as we headed home.
Old barn in the landscape at 60 MPH.
As scary as the weather looked it never amounted to much.


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