Range Tracking

Ambiance Under The Palms

The quarterly meeting of the Central Florida Palm & Cycad Society featured visits to two homes for examples of how to landscape with palms and cycads in Melbourne, Florida, on 3 October 2015. Always interesting is what little touches have been added to create additional ambiance under the palms.
A weathered ram amongst the leaf litter.
Palm trees and cats at one home, with seemingly home-made picturesque cloth garden flags dotting the landscape.
Cuban Anole perched atop a giraffe’s nose.
The African Spurred Tortoises, also called the Sulcata Tortoise, kept as pets at one home were quite the attraction. Unfortunately, the pyramiding of their shells pointed to a poor diet, which is not surprising given they are so far from the proper nutrition of their natural home along the south edge of the Sahara desert. These tortoises were alert and curious of the visitors and seemed very happy in their home away from home.
For the randomly geometrically minded.
A clump of cactus high-rises actually only a couple of feet high.
A superficially futuristic looking junk pile.
The ram had this cat statue for company.
A grouping of Cycad cones. Cycads are some of the oldest plants, flourishing when the dinosaurs walked the Earth. Sadly, no dinosaurs were seen this day.
Snakelike trunks of a foreign palm tree that I can’t recall the name of except that, importantly, they are not native to Florida.

View photos from the previous meeting held in Sarasota, Florida.

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