Range Tracking

ISS Over Vero Beach

My second serious attempt to photograph the International Space Station passing in orbit over Vero Beach, Florida, was hampered by the same problems as previously encountered. Namely the residual clouds from a passing storm that limited the views of the ISS and, more problematical, the horde of bloodsucking mosquitoes that came out in force to make for a hellish experience. This time was a success in that actual structures on the ISS can be seen like the solar panels and various modules. The problem is that the aforementioned complications limited photography until the Station was receding in the distance so the best views were missed.
A photo of the ISS taken in orbit. Currently there are only three residents on the station, Commander Gennady Padalka and the year-long mission residents Scott Kelly and Mikhail Kornienko. Photo credit: NASA.
The ISS compared with a football field. Photo credit: NASA.
The current configuration of the ISS showing its various structures. Image credit: NASA.

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