Vero Beach Air Show

Video highlights of the Vero Beach Air Show from Saturday afternoon – 5 October 2013. Comparing this ambitious show with the previous Aviation Days held at the Vero Beach Municipal Airport, the aerial acts were mesmerizing but the static displays were a bit sparse and not overly compelling, which is something the Aviation Day programmers seemed to have a better handle on in previous years in providing a mix of interesting exhibits. The absence of any military or other government displays really could be felt and can’t be complained about at least as far as the Air Show architects ability to remedy since the current political situation seems to be killing fun in this country in any and all of its permutations in not allowing any tax dollars to be spent on anything as frivolous as an air show. On the other hand, the show was wall-to-wall with food vendors, most sitting idle in what must have been a disappointing turnout. Finally, the heat out on the tarmac was pretty formidable, taking a lot of the pleasure out of being at the event. It is Florida, after all. Thank you to Bob Bruce and Janice Broda for letting me tag along and putting up with me as I filmed the event.

ABOUT THE VIDEO: I shot the video with a handheld Canon DSLR and decided to kill the sound and substitute it with air traffic control chatter recorded the next day since the original ambient sound was an annoying hodgepodge of engines noises mixed with blaring music coupled with overwrought event commentary from the public address system.

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