Vero Beach to Debary Time-lapse Video

On Thursday, 10 October 2013, I drove to Debary, Florida to present the ranch program at the Gateway Center for the Arts, which is a very nice theater/art gallery complex. I used the opportunity to document the drive using an old time-lapse camera originally made to record plant growth stuck up against the inside of the passenger side windshield looking forward. The video shows a two-hour drive compressed down to a little over three minutes. At the beginning I had to stop twice for gas since at the first station the pumps were not working correctly and the video shows these stops. The longest part of the drive is going north up I-95 where I came upon two accidents that slowed traffic down almost to a stop. Then north of Titusville going west across 46 with the late afternoon Sun glaring into the camera to 17-92 in Sanford, where I encountered a third accident that forced me to leave the main road and detour through a residential area before getting back onto 17-92. 17-92 follows along the southwest shoreline of Lake Monroe and the large size of the lake is apparent here in this part of the drive.

Although I half expected it, I was a bit disappointed in the low-resolution of the finished product but like the outcome enough to try it again on future driving adventures. The crazy soundtrack music is of my own composition using old Apple music software to showcase my innate atonality.

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