REWIND: A Lot of Yawning

Remembering a visit with the owl family from back in April 2015.

Photos of a family of Barred Owls (Strix varia) in a Sebastian, Florida conservation area using a large cavity in a dead palm tree as a nest. The Barred Owl nestlings’ view looks out onto a well-shaded oak and palm hammock making for an idyllic spot to start new life.
After a long search of the nearby trees we found one of the parent Barred Owls peacefully dozing on a branch from where it could keep watch on the area and the nest.
Being mainly nocturnal birds, there was a lot of yawning going on during this middle of the day visit.
The Barred Owl nestlings are captivated watching an insect meander around their home.
Their heads would turn in unison as they followed the insect’s path.
Eventually, after much more yawning, the two nestlings settled down to sleep.

Thank you to Don & Karen Schuster for taking me out to see the Barred Owl family.

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