REWIND: Bountiful Bonanza for Birds

Remembering some bird photo from May 2016.

Fish moving close to shore late in the afternoon caused a little feeding frenzy among a variety of birds as they scooped the fish up left and right. These photos were taken south of Sebastian Inlet State Park on the beach at Bob Bruce & Janice Broda’s house.
Brown Pelicans, Terns, and Gulls were some of the birds enjoying the fish bounty.
Brown Pelicans plunge diving after fish near the surface of the water.
Royal Tern
Sam enjoyed being on the beach.
Brown Pelican & Royal Tern
Royal Tern
A Brown Pelican caught in the air a split second before plunging into the water after a fish.
This Willet was wary of Sam but had nothing to fear since Sam took no interest in the birds.
Birds would accumulate in groups on the beach to take a rest from feeding. Interestingly, birds that feed on the beach would join them, having an interest in the feeding frenzy offshore but unable to take part in it.
Large numbers of Sanderlings lined the shore watching the feeding frenzy.
Look carefully to see that this Royal Tern has caught a small fish, which it is carrying in its beak.
Brown Pelicans swallowing fish whole.
Pepper and her ubiquitous ball that she is rarely without.
Sam relaxing on the sand.

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  1. Bob,

    Beautiful photos of the birds perspective on an aquatic feeding frenzy. The pelican is so aerodynamic in spite of its appearance. I am going to try to identify the fish.

    Say hi to Bob and Janice for me next time.



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