REWIND: Camouflage of Science

A day of photo collages from a visit to Orlando back in July 2015.

Sights seen and imagined during a visit to the Orlando Science Center to view the creepily fantastic Mummies of the World – photography not allowed – exhibit. Quote of the day from a little boy viewing the dead, “I don’t want to be a mummy. I don’t want people looking at me.”
Fighter plane alongside 408 near the Orlando Executive Airport.
The Orlando Science Center (OSC) loomed large in our imaginations as we approached the city.
Rich confections of science lure Susan into the OSC.
A Mali Uromastyx (Uromastyx malienis) lounges under a heat lamp while dreaming of its desert home.
Commerce is the Rosetta Stone of modern America.
The Visible Woman had unlikely romantic feelings for the Tyrannosaurus rex.
The Tyrannosaurus rex loved eating her for dinner.
Pondering Mankind’s evolution – luckily there is a gift shop at the end.
Paleontological digging has uncovered the link between dinosaurs and modern birds.
Chaos at the end.

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