Veterans Day 2021

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There is an immediate visceral quality to the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., showing a platoon on patrol made up of statues of soldiers representing the different services that fought in the Korean War: fourteen U.S. Army soldiers, three Marines, a Navy Corpsman, and an Air Force Air-Ground Controller. The column is coming out of a copse of trees across rugged landscaping indicative of the terrain they fought in. The melding of the landscaping with the statues dressed in full combat gear gives a feeling that one is actually glimpsing a moment in time from that long-ago war making it unique among the memorials on the National Mall.

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  1. Spike Connolly (no relation)– who lived many years in Vero and was friends of the family– was at the Frozen Chosin and received a bronze star. IIRC he knew a young marine who picked up a chicom grenade and threw it back. That man lost an eye.

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