REWIND: Ghost Crab baby photos

Remembering back to being on the beach with the baby Ghost Crabs in October 2014.

Baby Ghost Crabs can often be seen during the day walking around on the beach, something the adults seldom do since they would be easy prey for birds and other predators.
The baby Ghost Crabs, though, are tiny, about the size of a quarter, and blend in almost perfectly with the sand making them hard to see.
A baby Ghost Crab forages on seaweed at night.
Another view of a baby Ghost Crab camouflaged against the sand.
A baby Ghost Crab runs across the beach.
Sadly, this happened so quickly it was hard to focus the camera. A baby Ghost Crab covers itself with sand until just the eyestalks stick above the sand, arrowed.
An adult Ghost Crab to compare with the little ones. Note this Crab is also feeding on seaweed.

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