Landing Confirmed!

NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover successfully landed in Jezero Crater on Mars surviving the “seven minutes of terror” of the Entry, Descent, and Landing on 18 February 2021. Below are a few frame grabs from NASA television to commemorate the event.

The ring-like Cruise Stage backed by solar panels provides the power and steers the aeroshell containing the rover through interplanetary space. Just before entry, the Cruise Stage is jettisoned.
Past the hottest point of atmospheric friction, the aeroshell opens a large parachute to slow it down from hypersonic speeds, jettisoning the heat shield before the release of the rocket-powered descent stage that will lower Perseverance slowly to the Martian surface using the so-called Sky Crane.
The Entry, Descent, and Landing team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, erupt into applause with confirmation that Perseverance is safely on the surface.
The first image from Perseverance came moments after landing. Taken by one of the rover’s Hazcams, these low resolution cameras are used to help navigate the rover while driving on the surface. This image gives the first look at the landing site. Note the shadow of the rover in the foreground.

I was there for the launch of Perseverance and took these images.

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