Late afternoon ranch walk on a cloudy day, Again

Revisiting a walk with Sam the dog out at Treasure Hammock Ranch for National Dog Day.

I finally make it out to Treasure Hammock Ranch for a walk with Susan Boyd and, of course, what had been a sunny day turns cloudy with rain moving in. Still, though it was fairly dark and cloudy, there were still some good bird pictures to be teased out of the gloom. Here is a sampling. . . .
Sean Sexton and Dino wait as Mike Sexton, out of frame, opens the gate so they can drive through the pastures. This was the last bit of Sun before the clouds moved in.
This is a bumper year for the radish and turnip crop. We walked through where the pickers were working and I snapped this image of a pile of turnips.
An American Kestrel wings by.
Sandhill Cranes forage in one of the seasonal wetlands.
Gotta love the Sandhill’s mop like tail.
Sam was one happy dog to be running around all afternoon—and rolling around in some aromatic questionables he occasionally found in the grass. He went straight in for a bath when he got home.
The winter generation of Love Bugs nectaring on flowers is only a small number compared to the hordes of summer.
A Loggerhead Shrike applies the brakes as he comes in to land on a palm trunk.
The haunting song of the Eastern Meadowlark called us over to where a pair was foraging in the grass.
The second of an obviously bonded pair of Meadowlarks crouches in the grass hunting prey.
Cow art. Learn more about Treasure Hammock Ranch.

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