The Ghost of School Days Past

Fort Pierce Farms Schoolhouse | St. Lucie County | Florida

The Fort Pierce Farms Schoolhouse was built in 1915 and used into the 1940s for the area’s rural children. The building is still out in the middle of nowhere but civilization is slowly creeping up to it on all sides enforcing the incongruity of modern life unto yet another historic structure. If you visit the structure at night, those two lights on the building are the only illumination and they seem much brighter in the image than they actually are since this is an ambient light time exposure. Even the lights from the occasional passing car are too far away to make a difference. The shadowy atmosphere can be quite spooky, especially the way the building is set into the trees. And that amorphous shape in the bottom center foreground of the image, blurred by the photo’s time exposure, is Sam the dog who took the darkness in stride to examine every nook and cranny of the area.

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