Ave Orion

Living in Florida, there sometimes appears to be only two seasons. One hot, and one not-so-hot. Sadly, the not-so-hot season, which normal people in other places call winter, is all too short. Great masses of cold air fighting their way southward down from the Arctic usually peter out before they can cross the state line, let alone making it halfway down the peninsula to cool all the hotheads clinging desperately to the paradise fantasy. As I am constantly looking up toward the heavens as I roll my eyes at the latest travesty, my eye is drawn every year to the constellation of Orion the Hunter, whose presence high in the sky overhead portends, for humans in the Northern Hemisphere, at least, that winter is upon us. This time of shorter, cooler days and long nights is eagerly anticipated after the tediously hard slog through summer, and it is at the end of summer when Orion finally peeks over the horizon to announce change is coming. I eagerly anticipate that first sighting every year and, with it, the hope of cooler days – and today was the day! Around 5:00 a.m. this 12 August 2017, on a short jaunt with my faithful companion through the backyard, there was Orion low in the east just above the trees. It was a glorious and much appreciated sight as seen in this hasty photograph taken in the dewy darkness!

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