Range Tracking

More Green Cay Summer Wildlife

More images of some of the Boynton Beach, Florida, Green Cay Nature Center wildlife from a late July visit.
Florida Cooter basking on a palm tree trunk jutting out over the water.
American Alligator on the prowl.
I usually only see Green Herons from a distance given their skittish nature, so I was amazed and thrilled when this one landed momentarily near where I was standing.
Tricolored Heron striking at prey in the water.
Black-crowned Night-heron in flight. The Sun was in and out of clouds all during the visit so one was wrestling with the lighting most of the time.
Black-bellied Whistling-duck landing in a tree.
This dragonfly has taken an obelisk posture with the end of the tail pointed toward the Sun. This posture reduces the surface area exposed to sunlight and helps to cool the insect on hot days.
Cormorants in the early morning light.
A very throaty Anhinga.
Mottled Duck eating aquatic plants.

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