A Cow Nose

A story on National Public Radio the other day called “The Cows Did What?” reminded me of this incident that occurred awhile back. The NPR story concerned itself with the often ignored, at least by most humans, fact that cows and other life on this planet can be just as curious and interested in things as people can be. I guess this aspect of animal intelligence/behavior is best overlooked when the overall value of animal life is reduced to dollars in good capitalist fashion. It’s only business, right? Oops, had to stop for a moment and kill a mosquito buzzing around in front of the computer. Bloodsucking in all its manifestations can make one ornery. So back to the story, illustrated by the photo collage:

I was out in a pasture at Treasure Hammock Ranch to photograph a Crested Caracara nest up in a palm tree when a good number of curious cows came over to investigate my Jeep. Amusingly, when I returned to the Jeep after the cows had lost interest, I found every area reachable by a cow’s head had an imprint of their nose on the surface. I went for a long time without cleaning the Jeep after that. I wish there had been a way to preserve those perfect imprints of curious cow noses all over the Wrangler! On another occasion when I had the back gate of the Jeep open, some cows came over and stretched their heads and necks as far as they could inside without actually climbing in as they investigated the interior. Wish I had pictures of that!

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