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Two Colts at the Ranch

The vigil is over. The Sandhill Cranes nesting on the little island in the wetlands at Treasure Hammock Ranch have hatched out two chicks — or to impress your birding friends with the proper lingo, young Sandhill Cranes are called “colts”. Here are some images and personal observations from the past two days.
Note the egg shell between the two colts.
The colt is not swimming in this image, but standing in the muck struggling to walk after its parents. At one point it looked like the poor bird would drown before getting back to shallower water. Interestingly, the Mottled Ducks take a keen interest when the colts venture into the water and approach quite closely to them though, other than observing the colts, the ducks don’t seem to have any other interest in them.
One of the colts came ashore near me before wading back out to the nest island.
Besides the Mottled Ducks keeping the Sandhill Crane family company, a good number of Wood Ducks are currently making themselves at home in the wetlands. The male Wood Duck is the showy one at left while the female is at right.

Learn more about Treasure Hammock Ranch.

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