REWND: Bird Count April 2015

Remembering the bird count from back in April 2015.

The monthly bird count for April 2015 at the Indian River Club with Joe Carroll and Roz James was done partially in the rain and mostly under cloudy skies leading to some disappointing images, though the birds did not seem to be cooperating too much either. The happy surprise was finding that the Great Horned Owl family from last month’s bird count was doing well with the added bonus of finding that the family had an extra baby owl that we had missed seeing on the previous count bringing the number of owlets up to three. Here one of the parent Great Horned Owls keeps a drowsy watch on its young and us.
Two of the Great Horned Owl young in the brief outpouring of morning sunlight.
A closer look at one of the Great Horned Owl young adorned in its downy feathers.
One of the Great Horned Owl young takes to the air for a brief flight among the branches of the pine tree.
The dominant male from the Florida Scrub-Jay family.
A Pileated Woodpecker flying by in the rain.
An Osprey perch hunting a water hazard on the golf course.
The lone Lesser Scaup seen during the count.
The Fish Crows were having some fun harassing a Squirrel on the golf course.
A Northern Mockingbird hunting insects in the shade of a palmetto.

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