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Historic Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center where Apollo 11 left the Earth for the Moon along with over half the Space Shuttle missions ever launched. The pad is now leased by SpaceX to launch astronauts and space tourists to the International Space Station and other destinations along with uncrewed satellite missions.

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  1. I stood on that pad, 39A, along with a group of UF aeronautical eng. majors in Spring 1966 as
    the concrete was drying. They told us we were going to the moon from that spot. We just smiled.
    We did not really believe it would happen. I watched the first Saturn V launch from that pad in person.
    It all happened. I also watched shuttle launches from in front of the control room at the VAB. What is
    happening now?

    Grant Gilmore

    • Nearby LC-39B will see NASA’s new rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), lift off for the first time in a few months eventually taking people back to the Moon on future flights of the Artemis program. Can’t come soon enough.

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