Axiom Space-1

Image #220409

Rich people in space! Three rich people and a former NASA astronaut to hold their hand launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket at 11:17AM on 8 April 2022 from Kennedy Space Center heading for the International Space Station. Ostensibly they are there to work on, as NASA says, “contracted experiments and commercial projects” giving them some cover for this very expensive self-funded joy ride. And a joy ride it is, since if it was really about the science they would have paid the way for real scientists to go rather than themselves. Another clue it is a joy ride is how many times it is repeated how dangerous the trip is, all the important science they are doing, and all the training they put into it. Doesn’t anyone recognize corporate propaganda anymore? It is not that I am against this mission, even though I am sure it will interfere with the real work going on aboard the space station, but we have to be honest about why they are really there.

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  1. Amen on joyride. So sorry science is suffering.

    ….from a research scientist.

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