Image #211222

As a fan of the work of Rod Serling I am disappointed in how creative control of Night Gallery was taken away from him leaving only his chain-smoking presence wondering through a gallery of spooky art that, while stylish, paled in comparison with his greatest work, The Twilight Zone.  Despite its questionable provenance occasionally a story in the Night Gallery could be quite good.  While walking one of the nature trails at Lakewood Regional Park with Lucy the canine we came upon this scene and it reminded me of the Night Gallery episode entitled “Brenda” about a rather troubled & troublesome girl who finds a monster in the woods.  It’s a stretch, but the clump of dead brown pine needles lit by the Sun at left reminded me of the creature in the episode; itself a seemingly moving mound of human-shaped plant material made animate.  A creepy episode that is one of the better offerings, if in a strange way, of the Night Gallery.

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