REWIND: Blustery Beach at Sunset

Rewind to another Thanksgiving back in 2015.

Blustery conditions marked a Thanksgiving eve sunset walk on the beach with Bob Bruce, Janice Broda, and the dogs, Pepper and Sam.
The sky was filled with Brown Pelicans who were having a terrible time flying against the strong wind.
Northern Gannets (Morus bassanus) flying over the tempestuous ocean included a dark juvenile with two white adults with black-tipped wings.
Storms often blow these pelagic birds closer to shore where the Gannets have little difficulty flying, unlike the Pelicans, against adverse weather.
Pelicans against the storm clouds building over the ocean.
Formation flying is a speciality with the Pelicans.
Brown Pelican lit by the golden light of sunset.
Pepper amazed everyone by carrying a heavy coconut she found on the beach all the way back to the house.
No heavy work for Sam who was just out for a stroll on the beach.

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