REWIND: Bokbrained

REWIND back to December 2015 for a visit to Bok Tower Gardens decked out for the Holidays.

You would think this is about birds but there was only this lone Northern Mockingbird making himself easy to see on a December Saturday visit to Bok Tower Gardens.
The inviting entrance barely bespeaks the preponderant plant potpourri inside.
Florida’s Spanish heritage comes out in the architecture. Enter the well-stocked gift shop and plant store through the doors at right.
Heavenly victuals await the weary visitor to the Blue Palmetto Cafe.
Don’t expect things to look exactly like this in the museum when visiting the recreation of Edward Bok’s desk from when he was the editor of The Ladies’ Home Journal.
One can jump from stone to stone when crossing the courtyard.
A Koi-filled moat surrounds the gold-doored Bok Tower.
A workman clings to the Tower while laboring at a dizzying height.
The entrance to the Holidays in different dimensions at the Pinewood Estate.
This Estate window is not for looking out of.
The poinsettia-topped bulbous planter reminds me of an alien egg about to pop, which is located in the backyard of Pinewood Estate.
Red is the color of the season. Not so boring at this angle of the Estate though still in the backyard.
Less color makes one wanting more color.
Sometimes it is simply about the color.

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