REWIND: Sunset with the Sandhill Crane family

A look back at the Sandhill Crane family at Treasure Hammock Ranch in 2014.

Spent late Thursday afternoon on through sunset with the Sandhill Crane family at Treasure Hammock Ranch and saw some very interesting things.
The Crane family catches the last rays from the Sun for the day as they get ready to bed down for the night at the nest.
The Crane family spent the day wandering around the pasture foraging. In this long distance shot, the two little colts are almost lost in the grass. The red arrows help point them out.
A lone Sandhill Crane landed near the pond and was eventually chased away with one of the parent Cranes in hot pursuit to make sure the interloper left the area.
As darkness fell, one of the Cranes bedded down on the nest with the colts visible pushed up near their mother on the left side of her.
The interloper Sandhill Crane circles the area.
A Wood Stork landed by the pond but left on its own after a brief stopover.
One of the parent Sandhill Cranes makes a short flight to stretch its wings.
This is what the pond looked like earlier in the afternoon giving an idea of the landscape. A wooded pasture pushes up against the pond behind where the photograph was taken.
Two Wood Ducks circle the pond.
Wood Ducks float around during their brief stopover in the pond.

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