Red Crab on the Rocks

My internet search to identify this species of Florida crab came up short since it seems most crustacean identification revolves around species with a commercial value. Besides the crab’s striking red color, another notable feature was its ability to stay firmly in place against the violence of the waves striking the rocks along the channel at Port Canaveral.

UPDATE:  Thanks to Janice Broda for identifying this crab, which turns out to be a Mangrove Root Crab (Goniopsis cruentata).  It’s life history puts it as an active predator within mangrove habitats where its varied diet includes preying on other crabs.  The rocky channel along the entrance to Port Canaveral is completely devoid of mangroves but the creature will take to other habitats, such as these rocks, if the conditions are right.

Still in place after all those waves.

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