Florida is Black Bear country

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Protect yourself and bears by keeping them wild.

From the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:

Bears do not hang around people if they do not find food.

Black bears are shy and generally not aggressive. When seen near homes or workplaces, bears are often just passing through. When frightened, bears typically run away or climb a tree. If a bear is in a tree, it is either feeding or trying to escape danger. Keep people and pets away, and the bear will leave on its own, usually after dark.

When a bear stands on its hind legs, it is trying to get a better view or scent. Black bears may huff, snap their jaws, swat the ground or “bluff charge” when cornered, threatened or defending food or young. If this happens, stop, hold your ground and then slowly back away.

Remember bears are large, powerful, wild animals that can act unpredictably and become dangerous. Bears who receive food from people may lose their natural fear of them and are more likely to damage property or become a public safety risk. NEVER feed or attract bears. If a bear is eating something on your property, take note of what it is and secure it after the bear has left the area.

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