Flashback Friday: Ocypode Sunset

Remembering more fond memories from the Crab Program photography shoots, which turned into a wonderful presentation for Halloween!
My fascination with Ocypode quadrata continues with various shots of Ghost Crabs on the beach after a gold-tinged sunset.
Ghost Crabs can see 360-degrees around with their eyestalks, except for directly overhead, so this Ghost Crab may not have a good view of me looming overhead with the camera.
On the other hand, this Crab can clearly see me taking a picture given the high position of its eyestalks allowing for a good view of what is going on behind it.
When caught out in the open, Ghost Crabs will draw their legs in tight against their side and hunker down in the sand trying not to be seen.
A Ghost Crab atop a big mound of seaweed where the foraging is good.

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