Apollo Lunar Module Interior

The Apollo Lunar Module Simulator used by the astronauts to practice landings on the Moon while at Kennedy Space Center is now on display at the Saturn V Center at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. For Apollo 11, Commander Neil Armstrong would be standing at the controls at left, while Lunar Module Pilot Buzz Aldrin stood at right. Note the small hatch below the control panel through which they would have to crawl through to get in and out of the lunar module while on the lunar surface, made all the worse by the bulky spacesuits they would have to wear on the surface of the Moon.

The spacesuit Al Shephard wore during the Apollo 14 moonwalks gives an idea of how bulky it is. The suit is also on display at the Saturn V Center.

NASA images taken by Neil Armstrong while on the lunar surface show Buzz Aldrin crawling out of the Lunar Module through the small hatch.

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