Apollo Moon Landing Pop-Up Book

In commemoration of the Apollo Moon Landings, Hallmark produced an extraordinary pop-up book in 1969 called Astronauts on the Moon: The Story of the Apollo Moon Landings with the story by Stanley Hendricks and with illustrations by Al Muenchen. Paper mechanics and layout was by Howard Lohnes. Having owned a ragged copy of this book I was delighted to find in a northern California thrift store a pristine copy for only a quarter. Below are images from the book showing how much fun it is.

The back copy of the book states, “The exciting moments of the Apollo Moon voyages dramatized with three-dimensional action mechanics, including an assembled scale model of the Lunar Module.” All of this was to be had for the original price of $3.50 when it originally went on sale. A Saturn V launches off the page as soon as you open the book up!

By turning the wheel at the right edge of the page, the images on the monitors change along with the number as it counts down to the liftoff of the Saturn V rocket.

Liftoff of the Saturn V rocket is achieved by pulling the tab at the bottom of the page.

The astronaut in the tunnel moves from the Command Module at right into the Lunar Module by pulling the tab at left.

One of my favorite pages. Probably because of the Lunar Module orbiting over the Moon at the end of a stiff wire that pops up over the page.

Another favorite page, the pop-up model of the Lunar Module on the lunar surface.

Astronaut action on the lunar surface marks this two-page spread. Pulling the tab at lower left causes the astronaut on the left hand page to jump over the lunar surface. The slider affixed to the Earth at upper right causes the bag of Moon rocks to move up into the Lunar Module.

Two pull tabs dramatize lunar orbit rendezvous action as the ascent stage of the Lunar Module joins up with the Command Module after leaving the surface of the Moon. Pulling a tab at the bottom of the left page causes the Lunar Module to reorient itself with the docking port at the top facing the Command Module. Pulling the tap on the right page causes the Command Module to jump off the page to meet the LM.

The Command Module splashes down in the ocean after a successful mission to the Moon!

Kudos to Hallmark for this wonderfully creative portrayal of the Apollo missions!

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  1. As someone who also had this book as a child (it’s still around, but in one of 60 boxes in storage), I loved being able to see the images again during my latest nostalgia fever!
    The terrific photos, and your succinct, perfectly worded descriptions, combine to make the best possible 2 dimensional re-creation of the experience.

    Aaaah, now this is the internet at its best!

    Thanks again,

    Doug Lang

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