Three Lakes WMA – Part 2 of 2

Moving on with Part 2 of the visit to Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area.

Continuing on through the prairie

The slough

Green Heron

Red-shouldered Hawk


Turkey Vulture warming in the Sun

Dragonfly in an obelisking pose to reduce its surface area in relation to the Sun in an attempt to cool off.

Turkey Vulture in flight

An American Alligator in the slough

A large water control device between the lakes is a natural draw.

Juvenile alligator

Cypress dome. From the University of Florida Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences, “Cypress domes are forested wetlands that are dominated by cypress trees. Here, groundcover plants are sparse due to prolonged water inundation. The term dome refers to the phenomenon in which larger trees grow in the center of the dome, and the trees get progressively smaller as they grow further from the center.”

Heading into the pine flatwoods

Panorama of an abandoned pine plantation.

Pine flatwoods

Swallow-tailed Kite

Pine tree down

The trip’s last roadside wildflower

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