Backyard Hawk

Sam the dog and I went into the backyard late this afternoon to find this hawk sitting on the fence. Running back inside to get the camera, I did not expect the hawk to still be there when I got back outside but there it was. We are used to occasionally seeing, but more often hearing, owls in the oak trees around the house at night but never a bird like this hawk during the day. I wondered if it might have killed one of the many neighborhood squirrels or birds for a meal but there is no evidence of that happening in the yard. Also, without a bird feeder in the yard the hawk would have to really work at stalking its prey. After scouring my bird books I decided it is most likely a Cooper’s Hawk but that identification is open to revision.

Check out that eye placement. Binocular vision just like humans have making it a real predator.

I hope you are Accipiter cooperii otherwise I am going to have to change this.

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