Happy 60th!

The National Aeronautics and Space Act was signed into law by President Eisenhower on 29 July 1958, which established the goals for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA):

  1. The expansion of human knowledge of phenomena in the atmosphere and space;
  2. The improvement of the usefulness, performance, speed, safety, and efficiency of aeronautical and space vehicles;
  3. The development and operation of vehicles capable of carrying instruments, equipment, supplies, and living organisms through space;
  4. The establishment of long-range studies of the potential benefits to be gained from, the opportunities for, and the problems involved in the utilization of aeronautical and space activities for peaceful and scientific purposes;
  5. The preservation of the role of the United States as a leader in aeronautical and space science and technology and in the application thereof to the conduct of peaceful activities within and outside the atmosphere;
  6. The making available to agencies directly concerned with national defense of discoveries that have military value or significance, and the furnishing by such agencies, to the civilian agency established to direct and control nonmilitary aeronautical and space activities, of information as to discoveries which have value or significance to that agency;
  7. Cooperation by the United States with other nations and groups of nations in work done pursuant to this Act and in the peaceful application of the results thereof;
  8. The most effective utilization of the scientific and engineering resources of the United States, with close cooperation among all interested agencies of the United States in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort, facilities and equipment

With the signing of this act, NASA became a legal creation 60 years ago but would not formally open for business as NASA until 1 October 1958. NASA was formed as a response to the launch of Sputnik, the first artificial Earth orbiting satellite by the Soviet Union. Today NASA continues to live up to its vision reaching “. . .for new heights” to “reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind.”

The photo collage is made up of images I have taken in the past that include the launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis on mission STS-117 bound on a construction mission to the International Space Station (ISS) as seen from Patrick Air Force Base, the old Manned Maneuvering Unit (EMU) astronaut propulsion spacewalk exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, and the NASA logo metal sculpture at the entrance to the Visitor Complex.

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