Danger Angel

It was reported after the Vero Beach Air Show held on 21 & 22 April 2018 that a Blue Angel Boeing F/A-18 Hornet performing in the Saturday show sucked a bird into an engine causing $1 million worth of damage to the plane. The plane landed safely with few being aware of the incident at the time but, it is springtime, and birds are on the move in large numbers. Below are selected photos of the Saturday and Sunday Blue Angel performances with examples of some of the birds seen in the air during the shows. And one is not even a bird but a potential threat all the same.

The birds in these images are actually nowhere near being a threat to the planes due to their distance. Any semblance of proximity is actually just magnified by the telephoto lens and a chance alignment of objects.

A bird doing its natural activities is one thing but this party balloon, seen enlarged in the inset, was released by a person during the show. People should know better.

A flock of birds with the Blue Angels in the distance.

The bird at right is a Black Vulture.

Besides this White Ibis, other large birds seen flying near the airport during the shows were three Sandhill Cranes and a Wood Stork.

Another Vulture flies with the Blue Angels.

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  1. “Party balloon”. Good one. Last time I saw one of those was at 3 in the morning in the New Mexico desert during the Eisenhower era. My compass was pinwheeling like crazy. I lost all sensation in my lower extremities. Don’t fall for their lies. The truth is out there.

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