Night Laundromat

Night Laundromat | Indian River County | Florida

As bizarre as it sounds, it took over a month to get this photo of the deserted laundromat at night. You would be surprised as how many people do laundry at 3 or 4 in the morning, which to me sounds like the time it would have been sans launderers, but to no avail. So it would not be time of night that found the popular place empty, but luck. Late this past Saturday night, something nagged at me to take a detour as I trundled home to go by and see how it looked. As I pulled up, I saw a lone family loading the last of their laundry into their car and then pulling away finally leaving the place deserted. The photo came out as expected. The laundromat floating in a sea of darkness, the only illumination coming from its own interior. It might as well be on the Moon.

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    The lunar landscape of the laundromat. A beautiful black/white photo by terranovabay

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