Last Plane Out

An elderly Convair 240 built in the late 1940s sits at Orlando-Apopka Airport easily visible from Highway 441 from where these images were taken from a passing car. Accommodating 40 or so passengers in a pressurized compartment, the Convair 240 helped usher in the modern airline industry. Then there is a friend of mine who flew across the Atlantic from New York to London in a similar plane many years ago. Think of it now as quite a feat when considering the size of ocean-hopping jetliners today compared with this propeller-driven little antique. And finally a faint recollection from a 1983 movie filmed at the Vero Beach Airport of the revolution in Nicaragua – a bizarre location choice for anyone who has ever been to Vero Beach, which is in sore need of a little shaking up – and a bunch of old airplanes though this one did not have anything to do with it. Just jarred the memory a bit. Crowd of locals playing refugees storming the airport in the middle of the night. Self-conscious smiles on their faces as they ran toward the cameras. The grim specter of revolutionary death never realized, which is most likely why today the movie, Last Plane Out starring a luckless Jan Michael-Vincent, hides beyond the line in almost complete obscurity. That, and bad acting, of course.

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