Range Tracking

Bird Count June 2013

Remembering the 3 June 2013 monthly bird survey at the Indian River Club. Wondering what going on the bird count is like? Click to watch this time lapse video and find out.
A juvenile Osprey seen shortly after sunrise while driving to the Indian River Club. The bird was forlornly perched atop a auto garage sign.
Note the white-fringed brown feathers and the reddish eyes indicative of a juvenile Osprey.
The male Florida Scrub-Jay at the Indian River Club is perched near where his mate is nesting.
A Northern Mockingbird with a deformed beak, which does not seem to impede the bird’s foraging.
A cluster of Apple Snail eggs on the stalks of plants growing out of one of the golf course’s water hazards.
A series of images showing some roughhousing between two juvenile Red-tailed Hawks. These two birds most likely came from a nearby nest on the property. They did not show any interest in leaving the area, most likely waiting for their parents to return with a meal for them.
Buteo jamaicensis in flight.

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