Range Tracking

Space Age Vulture

Black Vultures enjoy the morning atop light poles lining the Crawlerway at Kennedy Space Center.
A view of one of the Crawler-Transporters with a Shuttle-era Mobile Launcher Platform upon its back waits patiently in the storage yard to be of use again one day. All these photos were taken from the Launch Complex 39 Observation Gantry, which put one at Vulture-level on the lights.
The Crawlerway turns toward the distant Launch Complex 39B. A former Apollo-Saturn and Space Shuttle launch pad now waiting to launch the Space Launch System. The SLS is a massive rocket being designed to send people to exciting destinations away from the Earth. Can’t wait – but don’t hold your breath. And now for the Black Vultures.
Coragyps atratus in eccentricity.

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