Range Tracking

Turkey Creek Critters

Native Florida critters highlighted a Saturday morning hike through the Turkey Creek Sanctuary in Palm Bay, Florida. These creatures are adapted to the Florida heat and dry landscapes much better than their human observers, especially on this hot day.
The formidable looking entrance at the trailhead belies the nearby friendly, cracker-style, exhibit-filled, nature center. Sadly, the sign is a too often seen reminder to people not to be stupid.
A colorful dragonfly.
A wizened Gopher Tortoise, keeper of many secrets. One of several we saw throughout the hike.
We heard reports from other hikers that there was an Alligator at the Creek and they were not mistaken. The Alligator swam off in a hurry when we showed up.
Florida Softshell Turtle swimming underwater in Turkey Creek.
A forest of algae grows on the shell of this Peninsula Cooter.
Cooters basking on a fallen tree trunk in the middle of Turkey Creek are somewhat out of reach of the Alligator.
Northern Cardinal
Zebra Longwing Butterfly
Cassius Blue Butterfly

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