Range Tracking

Blue Cypress before the storm

Photos from a sunset trip on Blue Cypress Lake in Indian River County, Florida that was cut short right before dinner was served due to a fast-moving incoming storm that blocked any hope of seeing the Sun anyway. During the brief period of sunlight, an Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) soared over the boat.
Bob Bruce, seen standing in the boat, and Janice Broda, invited Sam, seen standing on the dock, and myself to join them and Pepper for the trip. One of the things Bob Bruce does with his boat is to captain fundraising trips on Blue Cypress Lake for the Pelican Island Audubon Society.
Heading down the canal, one of many that cut through the little fishing village so everybody can have a boat dock.
Blue Cypress Lake can be seen beyond the trees as we exit the canal.
One of the things the Lake is famous for, besides the fishing, is the large number of Ospreys that nest in the cypress trees fringing the shoreline, like this adult Osprey towering over its three nestlings.
A few of the many cypress trees that gave Blue Cypress Lake its name.
An Osprey drags its feet through the water.
Note the masses of Spanish Moss hanging from the trees.
A photo of the incoming storm that cut our trip short.
A passing Osprey with a piece of fish in its talons catches the last little spot of sunlight before darkness enveloped the lake.

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