Wildflower Workshop & Planting

Besides volunteering to help out at the Wildflower Workshop, I took photos of which a few ended up on the ORCA web site.

Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area

The Eugenia Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society and the Pelican Island Audubon Society (PIAS) sponsored a hands-on wildflower workshop at the Audubon House on 3/14/15. Thanks to PIAS Office Manager Bob Montanaro for all of these photos …

Landscape architect Robin Pelensky of Surlaterre Landscape Architecture began the workshop sharing her experience designing and implementing at the historical Hallstrom House on Oslo Road with grant funding that she secured from the Florida Wildflower Foundation
Please visit her blog to learn more about this planting.

Florida Native Plant Society Treasurer Kim Zarillo spoke how to plant a wildflower garden …
… and led the hands-on planting with potted plants that she supplied …

Mother Nature supplied her our wildflower display, including bay lobelia (Lobelia feayana) near the planting site …
… and a dramatic display along Oslo Road of many wildflowers viewed at the end of…

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