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Bird Count March 2015

A photo gallery of images from the March bird count at the Indian River Club enlivened by the discovery of a family of Great Horned Owls. Here one of the Great Horned Owls returns with what might have been a rabbit to feed its two owlets.
One of the two owlets.
The second owlet. This one was a bit more reclusive, keeping mostly out of sight.
The Great Horned Owl brings breakfast over to the two owlets.
The Great Horned Owl checks for possible intrusions before feeding the two owlets.
A flock of White Ibis wing by overhead.
A Wood Stork coming in for a landing.
Wood Stork
One of the four Florida Scrub-Jays we saw.
The Sandhill Cranes have a youngster of their own to raise.
Mottled Duck

Thank you to Roz James and Susan Boyd for including me in today’s count.

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