Range Tracking


Remembering Leonard Nimoy and his immortal portrayal of Spock from Star Trek, a role that even he knew had come to define his life hence the book he wrote in 1975 called I am not SPOCK. Despite the title, by the end of the book he had found personal acceptance of the character as being forevermore part of his life. And then there is Spock’s iconic science station on the Bridge of the Enterprise, seen here in a full-size approximate reproduction from Sci-Fi Summer in 2011 at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Despite what he would have Dr. McCoy believe, Spock’s emotional human-half seemed always clashing with his logical Vulcan-half. This is evident in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Unification II in this exchange between Spock and Data, an android suffering his own conflicts with his yearning to be human:

DATA: As you examine your life, do you find you have missed your humanity?

SPOCK: I have no regrets.

DATA: “No regrets.” That is a human expression.

SPOCK: Yes. Fascinating.

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