Range Tracking

Kleptoparasites and other marvels of the day

A lone male Magnificent Frigatebird (Fregata magnificens) drifts idly by on the breeze against darkening skies along the beach late in the afternoon of 30 November 2014 in Indian River County, Florida. The Frigatebird is a kleptoparasite, meaning it tends to steal food from other birds. It is also a pelagic bird meaning it spends most of its life over open water far out in the ocean but coming in along the coast at certain times of the year.
The brisk winter winds have been driving the seaweed ashore in abundance.
A jet contrail catches the golden light of the setting Sun.
Sunset for the last day of November.
An almost 180-degree panorama of the sunset over the Indian River Lagoon.

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