Range Tracking

Ghost Crabs Rule The Night

A walk on the beach last night was like being in a science fiction film with innumerable Ghost Crabs skittering all around up on the beach and down near the water’s edge. The Ghost Crabs most likely are thrilled by the great amount of Sargassum seaweed being brought ashore this past week, which makes for an excellent food source. The first two Ghost Crab images were taken using illumination from a flashlight held by Janice Broda. Happily, the dogs, Sam & Pepper, did not do their usual thing and scare the Crab away before the image could be taken.
Another flashlight image shows a large pile of sand next to a burrow being freshly excavated by a Ghost Crab.
Images using the camera flash of a couple of Ghost Crabs.
Sunset heralded rain and lightning throwing off plans to go out on the beach and observe the Ghost Crabs for another night.

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