Range Tracking

Hawk attacks Sandhill Crane family

A Hawk (Red-tailed Hawk?) attacked the Sandhill Crane family at the Indian River Club but was thwarted by enraged Mockingbirds that mobbed the Hawk into fleeing the area before any harm was done. Here a Mockingbird goes after the Hawk.
The Sandhill Crane family, two adults with two colts, goes into terrified defense mode as the Hawk swooped down on them a number of times.
The Hawk flees with a Mockingbird in hot pursuit.
Note the large size differential between the pursuing Mockingbird and the Hawk.
The Sandhill Crane family was noticeably relaxed after the Hawk fled the area.
Today’s visit to the Indian River Club was a combination of Jay Watch, to take care of the last Florida Scrub-Jay monitoring session there for the season, and the monthly bird count. Thank you to Joe Carroll, Roz James, and Susan Boyd for letting me tag along.


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