Zebra Longwing night roost in backyard

Outside last night with Sam we found this night roost for Zebra Longwing Butterflies right outside the backdoor. The firebushes planted in the yard a few years ago have gotten quite large making for a convenient food source for the adult Longwings all day long. That, and the fact the passionflower vines, the larval food for the caterpillars, have also started to run riot in the backyard means there is a real resident population growing up right in the yard – and sleeping up in the trees at night. As a side note, the Zebra Longwing is the state butterfly of Florida.

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  1. Tonight for the first time I saw some places where mine gather.
    In small numbers and with some individuals not huddled, like this.
    A little disappointed, having seen other photos of dozens of them huddled.
    Unless there also are big gatherings somewhere, there have to be
    many many more of these small ones than the five that I saw,
    given the many dozens of morning fliers.

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