Macro ORCA

Here is a sampling of macro photography images from this past Sunday morning’s walk at the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area. Thank you to Janice Broda for finding and identifying most of these subjects.
The yellow corn-on-the-cob appearing eggs of the Zebra Longwing Butterfly nestled in the flower of a passion vine. Janice noted that this is a very succulent spot for the caterpillars since they will hatch right into an easy and nutritious meal.
Great Southern White Butterfly
The minute flowers of a privet.
More small privet flowers.
The privet flowers were a great attraction to bees while also enjoying the warm morning Sun.
Janice Broda maintains a wonderful blog that is worth visiting detailing the many plant inhabitants and other goings on at ORCA. Visit the Oslo Riverfront Conservation Area blog.

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  1. Love your site. ORCA is so important to us. First a part of St. Johns County. One of the first two counties that made up the state on July 21, 1821. The Oslo Cementary on the north west side of the rail road tracks by the church. Has a grave dated 1813-1815. ORCA is located at Turtle Hills on an 1827 map. Next in Mosquito County, an 1832 map shows Oslo as Turtle Hills. The Indian River County Historical Society on the south west side of the tracks is located at the Alex Holstrom Farmstead Conservation Area / US Historic Registry. The hightest point / Hill in the county is located there, 75 ft. Complete with more Gopher Turtles than you can count. Next, Crawford Point, St. Lucie Co. Where Orca,s present Crawford Notch comes from. Early 1880,s it’s in the town of Oslo. Named after the Norwegian sailors / fishermen who lived there. One ran the US House of Refuge in 1900 at JC Beach Park. When the US needed a new boat for the House of Refuge he went back to ORCA and bought them one. When the old boat needed repairs he took it to Paul Kroegel to be fixed. The Oslo Packing House at US1 is the oldest packing house on the east coast of Florida. Records show it shipped 462 boxes by boat on 9/15/1933. The Oslo Riverfront Boat Launch has a longer history than most of Florida. Known by saliors for turtles, as food. Easy to store. Just like the Galapogose Islands.

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