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Three Amigos!

The Mexico Pavilion, part of Disney World’s World Showcase at EPCOT, is a festive celebration of Mesoamerican Aztec and Mayan history culminating in a Small World-like boat ride showing off some of the highlights of modern Mexico partly told through a chaotic search for Donald Duck by two of his friends.
The exterior of the Mexico Pavilion is a recreation of a Mesoamerican pyramid.
Steep steps and serpent heads adorn the front.
The inside features a village courtyard set up as if for market day.
Between the restaurant and the pyramid with a smoking volcano in the background is a jungle-fringed lagoon through which the boat ride travels.
The pyramid and volcano as seen from a passing boat.
A Mesoamerican athlete all decked out to play the unique ball game of the age.
The Aztec dress code was strictly enforced. The upper classes, represented at left, wore finery including items made of soft cotton while the lower classes, right, wore coarse fibers made from plants like yucca and palms.
A collection of Mexican folk art include these creative examples of a goat and a cow.
The Three Caballeros animatronics perform near the end of the boat ride. From left, Donald Duck, Panchito Pistoles [a Mexican rooster], and José Carioca [a Brazilian parrot].
Collage of various sights in the Mexico Pavilion.
Detail of the Mexico Pavilion exterior.
The Mexico Pavilion at night. Interestingly, the control center for EPCOT’s nightly fireworks show is located atop the pyramid.
Adios Amigos!

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